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Is it the End of an Era?

​If you have ever been through a company acquisition, then you'll understand completely.  If not, let me enlighten you.  

As an eternal optimist, I've always clung to hope and it's never disappointed me.  Even when things don't quite work out the way you hope, as an eternal optimist, I know that they will always work out for my best.  

Back in July 2018, while at a Leadership Development Training (LDP Training) in Islandia, NY, I found out that Broadcom had stated it's intention on acquiring CA Technologies, which is where I work as a Senior Web Developer and Digital Marketing Professional.  What was ironic is that the training that day was on this VUCA world we live in. 

VUCA is an acronym used to describe situations or environments that engender high levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. 

This is now my 4th acquisition.  When we were acquired by CA Technologies, I remember thinking that I couldn't imagine that there was a software company large enough to acquire CA Technologies.  Boy was I wrong!  Broadcom is a microchip company.  Clearly a chip company acquiring a software company made no sense to all the analysts and financial gurus.  It makes no sense to me either, but I can't help but think that Broadcom has something up their sleeve.  In time we shall all see.

Is this an end of an era?  It's been made clear that Broadcom plans to keep certain part of the company and lop off the pieces they don't want and sell them off.  The good news so far is that the Automation BU is one they want to keep.  Does that mean me job is secure?  Time shall tell.  We are being told that we will all know the status of our job her in the US around October 7th, two days after the acquisition closes.  Stay tuned for more exciting news ahead!

Family Vacation in Chattanooga, Tennessee

We thoroughly enjoyed out family trip to the Smoky Mountain region.  We stayed at a beautiful Airbnb cabin in the mountains about 15 minutes outside of the City of Chattanooga. It was a long 18 hour drive from Salem, Massachusetts.  Unfortunately, not all of our family was able to join us, with only four of our six kids made the trip.   Here are some beautiful pictures that represent some of the highlights of our trip.
Family Vacation in Chattanooga, Tennessee