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My New Custom Built Electric Guitar Pedalboard

I've been wanting to build a custom pedalboard for a few years and was finally able to do it.  All together it cost me just over $4,600 to build, but is worth every penny.  I know that some of are thinking that I'm nuts, but I have this passionate pursuit of the ideal tone.

A great new addition to my board is the Rock Block Tube Amp pedal.  Pedalboards like mine usually plug right into a snake and don't need an amp, because of all the amp model within the Line 6 Helix. the problem is that the breakup you usually get with tubes when you drive them is not as good as areal amp.  The Rock Block add this back into the mix, without having to lug an amp around, and it sounds sweet.  When used the way I'm using it there is plenty of power for the largest of venues that I play in.

Of course no great rig is complete without the Stymon BigSky and Strymon Timeline.  The BigSky has got to be my favorite reverb pedal of all time.  I actually have some micro expression pedals on the way for each of my Strymon pedals.  This will free up the two other expression pedals to be used exclusively for the Line 6 Helix.  

Here are some pics to drool over!  

Family Vacation in Chattanooga, Tennessee
A Day at the Topsfield Fair with the Family

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